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Shooting Accessories

Pointmaster Shooting Mats

Pointmaster Shooting Mat

Four section, folding, full length padded mat. With 17.5 ins x 25 ins ‘Gripface’ rubber elbow panel on one section, padded on three sections with Polyethylene foam. The lower waterproof surface is made of reinforced PVC, the upper surface of shower-proofed heavy-duty cotton. Two carry handles permit the folded mat to be used as a carryall for other range equipment.

Four section lightweight mat. A lightweight version padded with Polyethylene foam only in the elbow panel. Intended for the travelling shooter where bulk and weight are a problem.

Single section padded mat. Material specification as per the elbow section of the full-length mat, with two carry handles.

Groundsheet Mat, unpadded, reinforced PVC with 25ins x 17.5ins ‘Gripface’ rubber panel. Rolls and ties with Velcro. Single carry loop at one end. This mat is ideal for Schools and Cadet Units where a fully washable and rot-proof mat is essential.

Gripface Rubber‘Gripface’ rubber sheet pieces available up to 10 metres long x 0.9m wide, suitable for attaching to an existing mat or for use on its own.

Choice of limited colours available, subject to stock availability. Colours liable to change without notice.

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Promaster Shooting Gloves, Mitts, Caps & Headbands

Pro Master 1 Pro Master 2 Pro Master 2 Fl Pro Master 3 Pro Master 3 Fl

For those who prefer the softer option, but with all the support and a contour fit.

The best support a shooter can get, contoured fit and maximum stiffness.

Supportive design, ideal for positional shooting, ideal for changing air rifle targets.

To give added grip, this glove has 'Top Grip' surface material, it is supportive yet supple.

Supportive design, ideal for positional shooting, ideal for changing air rifle targets.

Universal Mit Hps Headband Shooting Cap

For those who prefer the easier fit of a mitt in place of a glove, this soft well-padded ambidextrous mitt has a sturdy reinforced pad between the thumb and forefinger. Available in S, M, and L and in one colour only.

Pure cotton for maximum comfort and absorption

Comes with fixed flaps that fold up, held in place with Velcro.

Comes with integral sweat band, removable eye blinder and flaps.

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Sling, Sling Hooks, Handstops, Sling Swivels & Bipods

Nylon Slings Handstops

Reinforced plastic in R/H or L/H in a choice of black, blue, white or dark green.

2PT SLINGS - High quality two point 50mm cotton webbing slings with length adjuster and 40mm end fittings available in rust colour only.

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A shaped cast alloy handstop in matt black. In R/H and L/H shape with single locking lever and ball chuck sling swivel.

A 35mm round machined alloy handstop with knurled finish. Available with ball chuck sling swivel or fixed sling swivel.

40mm Ball Chuck Sling Swivels, 40mm T-Rail Mounting Sling Swivels, 40mm Sling Hook Clips, and Jacket Sling Hooks.

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Anshutz Handstop

This 31mm-diameter handstop is eccentric, so can be turned away from the centre line of the rifle to suit your hand for more comfort. Alloy and composite construction with button release detachable sling swivel included. Fits all Anschutz rails.

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Rempel -bipod


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WEGU Buttplates and Eyecups

Wegu Eyecups Wegu Buttplate

Three versions available:
Concertina type to fit eyepiece lenses of around 38mm diameter.
Concertina type to fit eyepiece lenses of around 43mm diameter.
Semi rigid type to fit eyepiece lenses of 36mm diameter.

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WEGU rubber buttplate with curved surface and long vertical movement (56mm). This buttplate improves the fit to the shoulder and permits the centre of the buttplate to be aligned closer to the barrel axis thereby reducing vertical jump upon recoil.

Elbow Pads

Strap On Elbow Pads Hex Elbow Pads

Made from a sturdy, wear resistant, solid gripping rubber with a soft lightly padded interior, and two elasticised straps that fasten with Velcro for ease of fastening. A small white label has also been added to one of the straps to allow for marking a name or school identification. One size only.

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Custom lightweight pads with foam ‘tiles’ which conform to your body shape. Superior fit, comfort and protection. Extremely flexible and breathable. Large & Medium size. Can be sold as singles or a pair. Can be worn inside a shooting jacket.

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Vanguard High Plains 560 Spotting Scope Kit

The High Plains 560 Spotting Scope kit comes in a sturdy hard case with a compact VS-80 tripod, soft carry bag and lens cleaning kit. Amazing value for money.

High Plain 560 Spotting Scope Specification:

Power range 15 to 45 variable magnification
Objective lens of 60 mm
Field of view at 1000 yards between 63 ft and 110 ft
Near focus between 26.3 and 29.5 ft
Eye relief between 18 and 22 mm
Overall size 13” x 5 7/8”
Weight 2.6 lbs
Central Focusing Knob
Sliding Objective Rain Guard
Foldable Rubber Eye Cup

VS-80 Tripod Specification:

Sturdy 3 folding telescopic legs with 2-way Pan head
Extended Height: 210mm
Weight: 330 g; 11.6 oz
Folds down along the scope for compact carriage
(Tripod also sold separately)

Additional Features:

Fully multi-coated lenses
Large centre focus wheel
100% waterproof (O-ring sealed) and fog proof (nitrogen filled)
Rotating mounting cuff
Standard camera screw mounting to tripod
Fast aiming line on side of scope for quick target finding when setting up

This scope and tripod provide a compact lightweight yet very study spotting scope which folds up quickly for ease of use on the shooting range. Superb optics to rival most of the much more expensive scopes on the market. The hard and soft carry cases makes it very suitable for individual and team use where long life and minimal risk of damage is vitally important. The tripod mounting sits comfortably alongside the shooter without interfering with the elbows and the angled eyepiece and adjustable features of both scope and tripod allow positioning close to the shooter's eye without interference.

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Vanguard Spotting Scope Kit Vanguard Spotting Scope Kit 2 Vanguard Spotting Scope Kit 3

HPS Gun Bags

Hps Gun Bag HPS Padded Gun Bag HPS Padded Gun Bag Inside
Padded and reinforced gun bags with full-length zip and large side pocket. They have a large rubber nose cone to protect ladder type foresights and the muzzle crown. The top one (135cm long) is long enough for a 32" long barrel rifle with sights fitted. The bottom one (145cm long) is extra-long to accept rifles with 34” barrels and telescopic sights fitted. This deeper section gun bag is even larger with a deep padded front end to protect 32mm ladder foresights and extra room for rifles with pistol grips and large telescopic sights. It has internal velcro straps to secure the rifle in position in the bag. External Measurement 140cm long.

All the gun bags are fully washable, available in blue only.View Gun Bag Prices

HPS Gun Boxes

Hps Gun Box

A double skinned molded rifle box made from heavy-duty polythene and lined with eggshell foam with a recessed carrying handle, four recessed lockable catches and riveted steel hinges. The boxes come in two sizes - Single and Double.

Overall external box length is 135cm and overall internal box length is 131cm. The internal width of the Single Rifle box is 23cm, narrowing to 19cm at the recessed carrying handle. The internal width of the Double Rifle box is 33cm, narrowing to 29cm at the recessed carrying handle.

The Single Rifle box will take a scoped or un-scoped rifle. The Double Rifle box will take two un-scoped rifles or one scoped and one un-scoped rifle.

These are the strongest boxes we have ever found - we have been using two, during the last four years, that travel regularly by courier around the country and are still intact! They are airline safe and incredibly good value for money!

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Hps Range Bag 1Hps Range Bag 2Hps Range Bag 4Hps Range Bag 5Hps Range Bag 3

HPS Range Box

It speaks for itself! Sturdy, versatile (protects your kit in windy wet weather) and flat packs for easy transport! A handy box to have!

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Weather Writer

Weather Writers

Plastic covered clip board with spring loaded see-through cover.       Permits use of the clipboard in rainy weather.

Available in the following sizes:
A4 Portrait
A4 Landscape
A3 Landscape

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Wet Weather Capes and Trousers

The ultimate shooters all weather cape. Really 2 capes in one. Made from reinforced nylon, the inner part is a waistcoat type fitting which covers the torso and legs and allows free arm movement. The outer part is a roomy shoulder cape that covers the arms and protects the shoulders. Includes an optional button-on hood. Available in S, M, L and XL. Colours - the standard is Black, but Burgundy, Green and Blue are available by special order.

Wet Weather Trousers

Lightweight, basic design made from nylon material with elasticised waist and Velcro tabs at the ankles.

Wet weather cape trousers

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Wet Weather Slip

A stretch cover of waterproof fabric which fits over the whole rifle to shield it from rain, dust and dirt. For use when not shooting. Available in long (for match rifles) and short (for target rifles). A limited range of colours available (Red, Blue, Navy, Green, Purple, Black, and Burgundy).

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Wet Weather Slip

Breech Cover

A simple PVC cover that drops over the action area of the rifle, held at the front by Velcro strips and by the rear sight attachment, the foot print of which is cut out to suit (not yet done in photo below). It shields the action, loading port and bedding from rain. An elastic band added to the barrel will stop water running down under the barrel and into the bedding. For use while shooting in the rain.

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Breech Cover

Mirage Bands

Mirage Bands Mirage Bands 2

A black elastic strip with wire loops at each end, it stretches between the foresight and the action. It prevents heat mirage off the barrel from affecting the sight picture. State barrel length, foresight and rear sight types and action make/model to enable correct supply of fixings.

A rigid plastic shield with Velcro pads to fix to the rifle barrel. It can be fitted or removed in seconds. State length required to suit the barrel length.

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Ammunition Boxes

Available for various calibres in 20, 50 and 100 round capacity.

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Ammunition Boxes

Peltor Bull's Eye Ear Defenders

Bolt Bags

Peltor -defenders

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Bolt Bags

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Breech Flags

.308 Snap Caps

Breech Flags

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308 Snap Caps

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