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The HPS “Convertible” Fullbore and Smallbore Aluminium Rifle Stock

Not only have over 40 now sold worldwide since January 2014 launch and not only are there insert blocks for a wide range of fullbore actions but now this same stock will also accept an insert block for the Anschutz 19 Series action!

Those that shoot fullbore and smallbore can nowe have one stock that suits both disciplines! Very practical for those fullbore shooters who like to have .22 trainer for the winter months!

The HPS Convertible Rifle Stock - the one to have!

Owners say: "most impressed!", "very comfortable!", "nice, simple", "quick delivery!", "absolutely fabulous!".

HPS Convertible

Near identical price to a wooden stocked rifle with the same specification.
Off the shelf delivery time of 1 week or less from stock!!
Better delivery time and less expensive than a wooden stocked Fullbore Target rifle of the same specification or any other aluminium stocked Fullbore Target rifle on the market.
Price fort the HPS Convertible Rifle Stock includes adjustable butt plate (longer rods available) and cheek piece.
(Bipod and handstop extra.) For F-Class or Benchrest a Front Bag Rail and Rear Bag Rail available for additional £90.
Ambidextrous without any changes required!
Available stock colours – Black, Blue and Platinum.
(Other colours to special order – delivery time 2-3 weeks)
Ready to take Barnard P, Quadlock, Quadlock Round, Quadlite, Rem 700 and its clones, RPA2000, Paramount, Swing and Anschutz 19 series actions using a “drop-in” bedding block system.
For an additional £100 you can purchase another “drop-in” bedding block and “convert” your stock to suit another action in minutes!
Selling your HPS Convertible stock? Call HPS you can purchase another “drop-in” bedding block and “convert” your stock to suit your customer’s action (again – in minutes!).
One rifle stock, many actions!

Photo above shows the HPS Convertible Rifle Stock with the Hexagonal Quadlock Barreled Action with Trakker Sights, 22mm Foresight and Rempel Bipod. Below the rifle are the 4 possible "drop-in" bedding blocks - left to right - Barnard, Swing/Paramount, Hexagonal Quadlock, Round Quadlock.

Photo below shows the HPS Convertible Rifle Stock with an Anschutz Round Action (will take Match 52/14/19 Series) with Anschutz Sights and Anschutz Buttplate (extra).

20141121 105022

£1300 including VAT. The HPS Convertible.


The HPS “Competitor” Fullbore Target Rifle

Hps Competitor Fullbore Target Rifle

Short Stroke .308 Action (based on a shortened RPA Quadlite) with two stage Trigger
Laminate Anschutz Style Stock with Integral Alloy Bedding Block
Lothar Walther Stainless Steel 30” 13 Twist Barrel
Adjustable WEGU Buttplate
RPA Trakker Rearsight with RPA Peep
18mm Anschutz Fixed Front Tunnel

Ready to take to the firing point for £2800 including VAT.
Competitive price to be competitive - the HPS Competitor.


Cadet / Schools / Juniors Target Rifle

Cadet Junior Target Rifle

Match quality S/B (.22LR Rimfire) rifle especially suited for use by Cadets, Schools, or Juniors from ages 14 to 21
¾ scale laminated wooden stock / quality waterproof finish
CZ .22 black barrelled action / (stainless barrel extra)
Aluminium V-block bedding system for un-crushable maintenance free support
Simple, soft rubber WEGU buttplate with vertical adjustment
Hand stop with fixed swivel
Gehmann 590 compact rear sight with 1/4min clicks, full Vernier scale, RPA peep
Anschutz 6832 globe fore sight
Anschutz accessory rail to accept hand stop, bipod, or training aids such as a shooting rest or a monopod for young cadets
The sight rails is an Anschutz standard which will accept most target rifle sights
Optional extra of a folding bipod for standing the rifle on when not shooting

£1400 including VAT. A great starter rifle!


Quality Finish Wooden Stocks

 Wooden Stocks Wooden Stocks 2

Available in Beech, Walnut or Birch laminate in traditional grip or thumbhole grip formats; these stocks use standard shapes and fittings. HPS wooden stocks are modified by the insertion of a pre-shaped aluminium alloy-bedding block into the stock. The block is firmly glued in becoming a structural part of the stock. The action is then bedded to this block with two-pack slow cure epoxy resin. Crushing failure and problems with water ingress is then totally prevented. The exterior surface of the stocks are fully sealed and coated in multiple layers of two-pack slow epoxy hard varnish to give long life durability. The adjustable cheek piece is available as an optional extra to the wooden stock or as a retro fit to an existing stock (one type shown below).

Wooden -rifle -stocks

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