Mr. Robert Lygoe, Winner of the 2014 Hopton using a rifle serviced by HPS and with a Lothar Walther barrel fitted by HPS. This is the second time Mr. Lygoe has won the Hopton with a Lothar Walther barrel supplied and fitted by HPS.
Well done Rob!
Lothar Walther - the barrel to beat!


A huge range of barrels of calibres between 4mm and 0.577", for rifle, pistol, and black powder and air rifles. They are available in Special Chrome Moly Rifle Steel (for blueing) or hard wearing LW50/17-4 Stainless Steel. Normal factory stock is held as unprofiled blanks for rapid delivery. Some limited lines of stainless barrels are also available from stock in finished profiled form. These include:

Cal Groove Length Twist Rate Bore/Groove Size
.22 6 26" 1/16.4 .216"/.220"
.30 4 30" 1/13" .299"/.3075"
.30 6 34" Fluted 1/10" .299"/.3075"
6mm BR 4 650mm 1/203mm 6.02/6.07
6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, .30 "Big Bull" 6 32" To suit To suit


Plus over 105 other calibre blanks in stock from 4mm to .577 inch in Chrome Moly Rifle Steel or High Chrome Stainless Steel.

Any barrel from factory stock can be supplied in a finished profiled form on a longer delivery.

HPS can also supply barrels many other makes to order.

New Rifle Barrel “Running In” click here to read more.

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