The following Rifles are currently in our workshop undergoing preparation for sale, please call to enquire.


Form Rifle Stocks, supplied and fitted by HPS Target Rifles.

The Carro is a hybrid stock that brings modern ergonomic improvements to a classic hunting style. This outstanding stock is wonderfully light, making it a great choice for a stalking rifle. The design has been optimised for shooting from a range of positions.

This model has an angled pistol grip to allow the shooter to use the stock in complete comfort when in a standing position. The thumb ramp allows for a more relaxed position when shooting offhand. 

Finger groves are machined as standard on the Carro, these offer added comfort to the user but can be removed if desired.

The smooth but hook offers the user comfortable and controlled hand support when shooting from a bi-pod. 

Available in most common and standard rifle action inlets, but also for full Target Rifle inlets by bedding and or alloy V-Block. 

Starting prices from £565. Fitting, V-Block, Accessory Rails, Trigger Guards and Bottom Metal extra.

Delivery times possible within weeks, Not months, and a full range of colours available upon request.



Winchester P14 Converted to 7.62x51 Target Rifle

Swing Mk5 .308 Target Rifle

Ruger M77 Mk2 .308/.243/22/250 RH Action.

HPS Muzzle Brake, For Calibers up to .243.

Savage 12 FTR .308

Howa 1500 .308 GRS Berserk Stocked.