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The following is a list of some of the other parts and accessories available through HPS TR Ltd:

All Weather Tubes for Rear Sights – Various lengths.

Trigger Guards for RPA Quadlock and Quadlite, Swing and Paramount.

Rod Cleaning Guides for RPA Quadlock and Quadlite, Swing, Paramount, Barnard P and S actions.

Spirit Levels - Available integrally in 22mm and 32mm diameter tunnels or as front or top mounting for 18mm and 22mm diameter tunnels.

Telescopic Sight Mounting Rails to fit Picatinny/Weaver rings for RPA Quadlock and Quadlite, Swing, Paramount, Barnard and other round actions.

Anschutz Forend Rails for wooden or composite stocks.

Eyepiece Adaptors for Rear Sights - Various male/female/size combinations.

Many other spare parts including:

RPA Firing Pins and Spring conversion kits, Cocking Pins, Swing and Barnard Extractors.

Swing and Paramount Firing Pins and Springs.

And all other RPA and Barnard parts.

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