If you are interested in any of the below items simply contact us, quoting the item code HPS-00x providing your full name and best telephone number by which to reach you. We will contact you directly for those items belonging to HPS and pass your details on the seller for those items belonging to an HPS customer. In the case of the latter, price negotiations and transfer of the item is between the owner and the buyer.

We are always looking for used rifles and may be interested in offering part exchange against any of our current stock, please get in touch now to see what we can offer.


HPS-001 - HPS Convertible RPA Quadlock/Barnard P .308Win/7.62mmTarget Rifle.

All New and ready to shoot complete Target Rifle set up.

HPS Convertible alluminium stock with either RPA Quadlock .308 or Barnard P action, Lothar Walther or Bartlein 30" 13 twist barrel, Mirage Band, RPA Rear Trakker and Iris, HPS 32mm Ladder Foresight with Eagle Eye, Centra Vario Swing Iris, Light Tubes and Rain Guards, Anshchutz Fully Adjustable Handstop and Rempel Bipod.

Fully Customiseable to allow Anschutz .22LR & F-Class disciplines in the same stock.

Stock shown in Blue, but can be offered in Black or Platinum. Click here for more info

Please call us for pricing on 01531 822641.


HPS-002 Remington 700 SPS .308 


All New Remington 700 SPS .308 Winchester with 20" 10 Twist Barrel and 5/8x24 Muzzle Thread for Moderator or Muzzle Brake.

  • Hinged floorplate for 4 round magazine. 
  • X-Mark Pro Externally Adjustable Trigger. 
  • Drilled and tapped for scope mounts. 

  • Supplied with parallel Picatinny Rail, 20MOA available upon request.

Stock upgrade to GRS/Form Laminate Rifle Stocks at additional £654 and rifle bedding £150.

Price: £899. Free shipping to your local UK dealer. 


HPS - 003 - HPS Competitor Mk 2 .308 Target Rifle with GRS Fully Adjustable Stock.


The HPS Competitor Mk2, Taking quality products from Remington, Lothar Walther, GRS & Centra and building an affordable and Highly Competitive Target Rifle.

A Parallel weaver rail has been fitted to allow use of the Centra Long Range Sight together with an RPA 22mm Ladder Foresight with integral level, front & rear irises are not included but can be added at additional cost as can an Handstop and Bipod if required. A Fully adjustable GRS Rifle Stock with full length accessory rail has been fitted to allow useage for Target Rifle or F-Class. A new Palma Profile Match .308 Winchester Barrel in stainless steel and 13 twist has been fitted by ourselves with chamber to suit Target Rifle and F-TR using the Sierra 155Grain Matchking range of bullets.

Price: £2995, Available for immediate delivery. 


HPS - 004 - Howa 1500 .308 Aussie Precision Rifle.



All new Howa .308 Winchester built by HPS with a New Fully Adjustable Aussie Precision Chassis Stock with tubular forend and Hogue Pistol Grip. We have fitted a New 30" Stainless Steel Lothar Walther 13Twist Barrel with 15x1.0 Muzzle thread to allow fitting of the HPS Muzzle Brake and thread protector. A 20MOA Picatinney Rail has been mounted to allow fitting of a Sightron SIIISS 8-32X56 Long Range Scope with Warne LM215 30mM Scope Rings.

Price With Scope: £2995. 

Price Without Scope £1995.  Free shipping to your local UK dealer.


 HPS-070 - RPA Quadlite .308 Target Rifle 

An RPA Quadlite Single Shoot .308 Target Rifle sat in an Ambidextrous RPA Interceptor Rifle Stock with full length Accessory Rail, Height Adjustbale Cheek Piece and Removeable But Pad Spacers.

A New RPA Trakker rear sight has been fitted along with an RPA 22mm Ladder foresight with integral level, front & rear irises are not included but can be added at additional cost as can an Handstop and Bipod if required.

A new Palma Profile Match .308 Winchester in stainless steel and 13 twist has been fitted by ourselves with chamber to suit Target Rifle and F-TR.

Price: £2900. Free shipping to your local UK dealer. 


 HPS-075 - BSA Martini-International .22LR 


A great example of the .22LR from BSA, the Martini-International MK5 is well presented in average used condition with light marking to the stock, the blued finish is in good condition. A Handstop is included mounted to the accessory rail together with the Parker Hale PH25C Rear Sight. The original users pamphlet and scematic page is present together with the original BSA Accuracy Test sheet of 5 x 10 shot groups featuring Eley Tenex. 250 Rounds of SK Standard Plus will be included with the sale.

Price: £275.  


HPS - 076 - Ruger M77/17 .17HMR



Used Ruger .17HMR All-Weather 77/17 in Laminate stock with Adjustrable Cheek Piece, 2 Point Sling, ASE Ultra Moderator, 30mm Scope Rings & Bases. This is a very clean rifle with no signs of wear and would suit a beginner or seasoned shooter.


Price: £500


HPS - 077 - CZ 452 American .17HMR



Used CZ452 American .17HMR, 17Inch Barrel with 1/2UNF Screwcut for the included moderator. 2 x 10 shot and 1 x 20 Shot Magazine i included in sale. This is a very clean rifle with no visible signs of wear or damage to the stock or rifle and would suit a beginner. 

Price: £300


HPS - 086 Left Hand Musgrave 7.62x51/.308 Target Rifle


Used Musgrave 7.62/308 Target Rifle

28" stainless steel barrel, tunnel fore-sight with variable iris, M&S Rear Sights with Variable Iris, hand-stop and accessory rail,

Please note this is a Right Hand Rifle fully bedded into a custom Left Hand Target Stock with Adjustable buttplate. Barrel in average condition with approx 4500 round count.

Price: £650, Free Shipping to your UK Dealer.


 089 - Left Hand Swing/Paramount .308/7.62 Proofed Target Rifle


Used Swing/Paramount .308/7.62 proofed Target Rifle

Left Handed Target Rifle with Brindles Rear Sight & Variable Iris, Fixed Tunnel Foresight, Handstop with Quick Release Sling Swivel  and Accessory Rail. The Barrel is kreiger 30" 13Twist with only 200 rounds useage. The Action is fully bedded and shows no signs of cracking, bolt open easy.

Price: £1800.


090 - Anschutz .22LR Match 54 Target Rifle


Used Anshcutz Match 54 .22LR Target Rifle

Right Hand Target Stock with Anshcutz Adjustable But Hook, Anschutz 10 Click Rear Sight and Adjustable Iris, Basic Bipod, Freeland Style Handstop and Fixed Foresight.

Price: £700


HPS-095 - CZ 452 2E ZKM Varmint .22LR Rimfire Rifle.

Used CZ 452 2E ZKM .22LR Sporting Rifle, 17.5Inch Barrel with 1/2" UNF Screw Cut, Tasco 3-9x50 Scope, Bipod & Wildcat Whisper Moderator. 

Price: Was £350, Now £250


HPS-096 CZ 452 ZKM Varmint .22LR Rimfire Rifle.

The rimfire rifle CZ 452 ZKM is a classis repeating arm of sturdy design. 

Characteristic features:

  • heavy barrel
  • walnut stock provided with a mass reduced rubber buttplate
  • well balanced and quick and easy to aim
  • easy mounting of rilfe scope
  • adjustable trigger pull
  • easy disassembly for cleaning and routine maintenance, which can be carried out with any tools
  • high degree of accuracy when firing
  • long service life
  • high functional reliability in all environments, even with ammunituions made by various manufacturers, and with different types of bullets

Three currently available. All new.

Price: Was £500, Now £400 including VAT.


HPS-092 - HPS .22LR Cadet/Schools Rifle.


Match quality S/B (.22LR Rimfire) rifle especially suited for use by Cadets, Schools, or Juniors from ages 14 to 21

¾ scale laminated wooden stock / quality waterproof finish

CZ .22 black barrelled action / (stainless barrel extra)

Aluminium V-block bedding system for un-crushable maintenance free support

Simple, soft rubber WEGU buttplate with vertical adjustment

Hand stop with fixed swivel

Gehmann 590 compact rear sight with 1/4min clicks, full Vernier scale, RPA peep

Anschutz 6832 globe fore sight

Anschutz accessory rail to accept hand stop, bipod, or training aids such as a shooting rest or a monopod for young cadets

The sight rails is an Anschutz standard which will accept most target rifle sights

Optional extra of a folding bipod for standing the rifle on when not shooting

Price: £1400 including VAT. 



Disclaimer: Prices shown do not include any cost of shipping. These items are sold as shown. Some of the items may be lightly used for demonstration and testing purposes or are being sold directly by our customers.