Here you will find some of the most common trigger setting and barrel dimensional drawings. Should you require replacement RPA, Barnard or CG Trigger springs, sears or bents please contact us as we keep a wide range in stock.


RPA Quadlite Trigger Instructions

RPA Quadlite Barrel Dimensions 

Jewel Trigger Manual

Davies Trigger Instruction

Barnard Trigger Instruction

Barnard P 223 Barrel Thread

Barnard P .308 Barrel Thread

Barnard SM .308 Barrel Thread

CG Universal Trigger Instructions

Nosler Load Data  Vihtavuori Load Data  Reload Swiss Load Data

RS Powder Burn Rate Chart  Vihtavuori Burn Rate Chart




Please Note the following;- 
  • All Barrel drawings are suggestions and should only be used as guidance, final fit may differ from those dimensions shown.
  • Case protrusion safety is reliant on the correct applciation of the Go & No Go Gauges that your Gunsmith will need in order to correctly fit your barrel. If in doubt ask for a demonstration of these gauges in your rifle.
  • Trigger settings shown are a guide and your final settings may vary slightly from those shown. Ensure you perform your adjustments with an unloaded firearm, once set perform a slam test to check if trigger holds safely under fast bolt operation. It may be necessary to increase sear engagement particularly at lighter weights.