HPS offers the target rifle shooter a variety of services. We are your one stop for all your shooting needs!

Shipping & Exporting of Firearms & Ammunition

HPS has many years experience of exporting firearms and ammunition round the world for individuals and international teams, such as the GB and Palma teams. We hold an Open Export License for 48 countries which allows us to directly export such goods at short notice.

Contract & Private Loading & Reloading of Ammunition at HPS

For Target, Match, F-Class and hunting we offer a bespoke hand loading service to produce the highest quality cartridges to suit your rifle but we advise you to get your orders in well in advance of any competitions as we certainly get very busy at times!

For individuals, clubs, teams and international touring teams HPS Target Rifles Limited provides the most accurate machine loaded ammunition available anywhere.

HPS recognises that ammunition has become more and more expensive over the years. To help offset some of this increase, HPS has been reloading for many customers using their own cases and free issued components – cutting the cost of shooting significantly while maintaining accuracy. Call us for a quotation on +44 (0) 1531 822 641.

Reloading Materials & Technical Advice

HPS holds the following reloading components in stock and is able to supply many more upon request.
1) Vihtavuori powders for rifle in 1kg and, where applicable, also in 3.5kg/8lb tubs. Also Vihtavuori pistol powders in 1/2kg pots.
2) Reload Swiss propellant powders
3) Primers from CCI, Federal and Muron.
4) Bulk stocks of .303 and .308 cases from Privi-Partizan.
5) The full range of Sierra Matchking and TMK bullets
Technical advice on reloading is freely available upon request.

Rifle Servicing, Repairs & Refurbishment

HPS can give your rifle a complete service and barrel check in about one hour and barring any items that may need replacing at a cost of only £60 including VAT. Considering how expensive target rental, marker hire, competition fees and ammunition have become it is a small price to pay to ensure you get the best from your equipment when starting off the next shooting season.

Note: the service does not include cleaning very dirty rifles — we can do this but at cost!

Screw Cutting for Moderators and Muzzle Brakes

HPS will screw cut your barrel to take a moderator or muzzle brake of your choice and can supply a range of quality moderators to suit your needs. Please note that there will be a re-proof charge relevany to your rifle calibre, unless this work is carried out at the same time as re-barreling.

Re-Barreling and Chambering

HPS offers a full re-barreling and chambering service providing top quality fullbore barrels from Lothar Walther and other manufacturers.  The majority of the barrels we hold in stock are Lothar Walther although we are also able to supply Kreiger, Bartlein, Tru-Flight, Lilja, Border and many other makes to satisfy customer orders, subject to availability. Please contact us to discuss your barrel requirements, so that we can ensure it will perform to the standard you require it to.

Note: we offer a free barrel checking service whereby we can bore scope your barrel to see how it is wearing. We pride ourselves in providing an honest opinion and if your rifle is still shooting well we won't be trying to sell you a new barrel!

Alloy Bedding Block

Crushed or cracked bedding problems with your wooden stock? HPS offers a pre-shaped aluminium alloy-bedding block which is firmly glued in becoming a structural part of the stock. The block is specially “V” shaped to make perfect line contact with the action. No additional bedding required. Crushing failure and problems with water ingress is then totally prevented. 

Stock Refurbishment

HPS can give your old wooden stock a new lease on life with a complete wood refinish — it will look like a brand new rifle! The exterior surface of the stock is fully sealed and coated in multiple layers of two-pack epoxy hard varnish to give long life durability. Not only will your stock look good but it will be well protected from the effects of weather once again. 

Complete Rifles built to Customer Specification

HPS can build a fullbore target rifle to your specification using either a wooden stock with the before mentioned alloy block or the new HPS alloy stock. The actions most commonly, but not solely used by HPS, are the Barnard "P" and RPA Quadlock. Triggers are exclusively from Davies or RPA. Barrels are normally Lothar Walther with Kreiger, Bartlein, Tru-Flight, Lilja, Border and many other makes subject to availability. HPS front and Trakker rear sights are most commonly used as are Centra Irises and accessories. All rifles are Proof Tested before delivery. Call us for a quotation on +44 (0) 1531 822 641.