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Propellant Powders

Here at HPS target rifles we are able to supply you with the full range of Vihtavouri powders, ReloadSwiss Powders and a selection of Alliant Reloader.
Other propellants available upon request.
Links to Reloading Guides
Alliant Propellant Powder
Hogdon/IMR Propellant Powder
Reload Swiss Propellant Powder
Vihatvuoroi Propellant Powder
Lovex Propellant Powder
BURNING RATE CHART Titewad E3 R1 Nitro 100 WST N310 P805 Ba10 HP38 P801 Trail Boss Titegroup Solo 1000 231 Bullseye Clays 452 Competition N320 RS12 Hi-Skor700X No. 2 WSL Red Dot AS PB Clays Int’l Solo 1250 473 American Select N32C SR7625 Promo Zip P804 A1 Green Dot P803 Clays Univer. No. 5 WSF Unique N330 Ba9 HS-6 540 Power Pistol N340 SP8 RS20 SR4756 CFE Pistol WAP Herco Silhouette 3N37 A0 Longshot N350 Hi-Skor 800X True Blue 3N38 SP2 Pract. RS24 571 Blue Dot N105 HS-7 No. 7 Steel 2400 Enforcer R-123 SP3 No. 9 P806 SR4759 H110 4100 N110 R910 RS30 IMR4227 H4198 296 Ba6 Li’l Gun 680 200 R901 H4227 5744 410 N120 Tubal2000 IMR4198 1680 Reloder 7 2015 R902 IMR3031 Benchmark Reloder 11 H322 2230 N130 201 SP10 BL(C)-2 2460 748 Reloder 10X N133 202 Tubal3000 8208XBR CFE 223 X-Terminator R903 H335 2495 SP9 IMR4895 Leverevolution 2520 N530 RS40 IMR4166 H4895 4064 Reloder 12 TAC N135 IMR4064 SP7 IMR4320 Varget N140 203B R907 RS50 H380 2700 Reloder 15 Big Game N540 RS52 H414 760 N150 URP R904 Tubal5000 H4350 4350 Reloder 17 N550 RS60 IMR4350 HYBRID 100V Reloder 19 N555 204 SP11 RS62 IMR4451 H450 WMR Hunter N160 Tubal7000 IMR4831 H4831SC 785 N560 MRP R905 IMR4955 H4831 3100 N165 MRP(2) Tubal8000 RS70 IMR7828SSC MagPro WXR Reloder 22 IMR7828 H1000 Reloder 25 Magnum N170 IMR7977 Retumbo 8700 N565 N568 SP13 RS76 H870 N570 RS80 50BMG Reloder 50

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