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Custom rifle builds using the finest Actions available, please call us to enquire about in stock options and availability. Please note Borden and Kelbly actions lead time 12months plus.

Kelbly F-Class Panda.

The use of aluminum in rifle actions has been the ultimate goal of many people for a number of decades.

First developed by Ralph W. Stolle in the late 60’s and the early 70’s, the Stolle line of actions emerged after many changes in design and techniques. The rigidity and lightweight characteristics are highly desirable features, a must in today’s competitive benchrest rifles. Made entirely of 7075-T651 aircraft aluminum and 4140 alloy steel, they insure the optimum in stiffness and durability.


The Panda action pictured here gives a good view of the steel insert used in the thread/locking lug area.

All aluminum models are of the square, flat-bottomed design to give a much greater and longer-lasting bedding area, which is desirable in precision rifles. Lightness in weight affords the use of heavier and stiffer barrels as well as aiding in balance. All models employ an integral full-length dovetail on the top. This rib serves a dual purpose — added basic stiffness, plus built-in high precision scope mount bases.

Barnard Model P Action

The original action produced since 1982, the basic design is unchanged, but with continuous quality improvement as production technology has developed.

Designed for the Palma or long-range shooter. A single shot cylindrical action, in right or true left handed configuration, also available as Model PC with customized bolt and port configuration .

The bolt carries three forward locking lugs, is equipped with a Sako style extractor and can be supplied to accept any case rim up to 0.534"(standard magnum rim). It undergoes finish machining after hardening, and is hand lapped to its mating receiver.

The receiver is of 4340 chrome/moly/nickel steel through hardened to 38Rc and finish machined after surface hardening to ensure concentricity.

Though not standard, a bolt face plunger type ejector can be included for Target Rifle when an action is being ordered and to have the action cut with Anschutz standard dove-tails.

Supplied as standard with the Barnard Target Trigger.

Model P Details

Receiver Length200mm (7.85")
Receiver Diameter37mm (1.457")
Bolt Diameter22mm (0.866")
P Action weight1.307kg / 46.103oz (with trigger 1.406kg / 49.595oz)
P "Dove Tail" Action weight1.292kg / 45.573oz (with trigger 1.390kg / 49.030oz)
Loading Port Length75mm (2.95")
Barrel Thread1 1/16" UNF X 16TPI
Bolt Face.223/.308/.534 Magnum
Striker Tip Diameter1.6mm (.062") standard
Lock Time1.7 milliseconds - calculated
Sight MountingDrilled & tapped (M4) for most side mount sights
eg CENTRA, REDFIELD, RPA, WARNER by mounting bracket
Rail Mounting

Drilled & Tapped (M4) for Weaver, Picatinney rail.

Action Mounting1/4" UNF Cap Screws
FinishOptional Anschutz dovetails available
Blue/Black standard.

Barnard Model SM Action

The Model SM repeating action is a derivative of the Model S.This action isconfigured to accept a 5 or 10 round HS Precision magazine, Accuracy International magazine or AICS magazine with floor furniture / bottom metal. A safety option also available for this action to allow top safety Jewel and Timney triggers.

Like the Model S it is a cylindrical Remington type action with the same diameter receiver, mounting screw positions and bolt turn position as theRemington 700 short exterior configuration. But in the Barnard three lug configuration and so"not a drop in"for the Remington 700 although with a little stock work can be made to fit by any gunsmith.

As a three lug action the arc of bolt operation is shorter and the port is a different size and position. The length of the action is 10mm longer at the barrel end than the Remington 700 short action.

The S series actions were designed as target actions to take Remington 700 aftermarket triggers etc. they are more often than not fitted into Remington style Stocks. Very little work is needed to have the action fit the various 700 stocks.

The action receiver is of 4340 chrome/moly/nickel steel through hardened to 38Rc and finish machined after surfacehardening to ensure concentricity. The bolt is casehardened EN39b, ground and machined after hardening to ensure straightness and concentricity. The bolt lugs are hand lapped to the matted receiver. Sako Type extractor and is equipped with a bolt face plunger style ejector.

We supply this action with a trigger hanger to suit either Timney or Jewel triggers, or with a blank hanger to be modified to the trigger of your choice (such as any "Remington style" clone).This action is supplied as standard with no trigger,but please specify which hanger you require when ordering.

Model SM Details

Receiver Length207mm (8.15")
Receiver Diameter34.5mm (1.359")
Bolt Diameter20mm (0.787")
Bolt Face.308
Bolt Stop'Push' side lever
Striker Tip Diameter1.6mm (0.062")
Action Mounting1/4 UNF Cap Screws at Remington Spacing
SM Action Weight0.994kg / 35.062oz (with Timney Trigger 1.084kg / 38.237oz)
Loading Port Length73mm (2.87")
Sight MountingDrilled &tapped (M4) for Most Sights e.g. Central, Redfield, RPA, Warner
Rail MountingDrilled & tapped (M4) for our full lengthscope rails
Barrel Thread1 1/16" UNF X 16TPI
FinishBlue / Black as standard

Borden Accuracy

Borden Rimrock BR/ BRM actions are perfect for LV Benchrest, Unlimited Benchrest, 600/1000 Yard Light and Heavy Gun Benchrest as well as FTR Rifles. The action is quick operating as it has the “bolt throw” of a Remington XP100. It is about 7 3/8 inches in overall length. The action is 1.350 in diameter and is made of hardened 416 Stainless Steel. The bolt body is hardened 4142 steel and is spiral fluted. The action utlizies a trigger hanger and comes with 1 hanger. Standard orders are timed with Bix &Andy/Jewell and we have hangers for Flavio Fare and Trigger Tech available. We can time for other triggers for extra charge.

RPA Round Quadlock Action

Actions - HPS Target Rifles Limited

The latest version of the well proven Quadlock will replace the original 8 sided version with a round body exterior but no internal changes. All other features remain unchanged. Recoil is taken by a single central peg rather than the two lugs of the quadlock, but bedding screw, bolt handle and loading port positions remain unchanged.

Available in true left handed version at no extra cost.

RPA Quadlite Action - Single or Mag Feed
RPA Actions - RPA InternationalInterceptor Sporting Rifle - RPA International

The heart of any rifle is the receiver, developed from the Quadlock® and designed with the gun connoisseur in mind; the Quadlite® is designed for long range competition, sporting, varmint and bench shooters alike. RPA two stage triggers were developed for competition shooters; this design has been incorporated into the Quadlite® trigger with adjustable finger pull. Available in two weights 0.5kg & 1.50kg. Hardened and burnished pivots to reduce friction.

All models have

  • A removeable two position safety catch.
  • One piece bolt incorporating a cocked ‘tell tale’.
  • Passive ejector for reliable operation.
  • Receiver drilled to accept scope rails.
  • Short firing pin travel provides for very fast lock time (less than 1.5 milliseconds).
  • Firing pin is a single piece of high tensile steel hardened and tempered.

Ultimatum Deadline Actions

Imagine having one bolt action precision rifle where you could keep your glass and chassis/stock and go from .223 to 6.5PRC by simply changing the barrel, bolt face and magazine. You could go from super heavy long range steel smasher to light weight hunting rig in 10 minutes or less!

Well you can have that with the Ultimatum Deadline Gen 2. The Gen 2 runs very well off of both barrel nut style prefits and regular shouldered barrels. Its as much at home hammering steel in a PRS match as it is in the high alpine stalking goats.

The removable floating bolt head makes swapping calibers very easy and very accurate.

The new generation of the Deadline action is here!

We have taken the original Deadline design a HUGE step further by upgrading the steel its born from, the firing mechanism for even better performance/durability and we made a few small cosmetic updates to update the look.

Gen 2 features:

– Much harder alloy steel than Gen 1 actions that easily stands up to the sharp recoil of short magnum cartridges and gives better overall rigidity.

– Increased OD firing pin for added strength

– Dual, opposing firing pin springs with floating bushing

– 1/4” longer bolt handle

– Incorporated the full round “Chevron” on front of Deadline SA action housing, an aesthetic feature found on the current Deadline LA

– Added a chamfer on rear of ejection port to prevent damage to brass casings upon ejection

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